Nafco – 1941 Fish Vessel

Nafco 1941 fish boat

Nafco – 1941′ fish boat in for some repairs. Insurance specifications indicate the following work is required.

Vessel hit bottom causing the following damage:

  • keel shoe damaged/ scraped and a section missing from bow to stern
  • keel damaged including a 6′ section port side midship and a smaller section starboard side
  • scarf piece knocked out
  • 4 planks bruised or scuffed port side midship
  • copper cooling pipes dented and disturbed port side
  • upper wood guard disturbed
  • sounder transducer disturbed
  • sonar dome disturbed starboard side
  • other minor damage

repairs include replacing or repairing damaged shoe better than original, repair damaged keel as required. recommended to install scarf or Dutchman.

Harden up gardboard caulking seems, sand smooth damaged hull planks and repair

replace damaged copper tubing, repair cooling pipe, top up coolant and antifreeze level and pressure test

repair fairing and mounts, electrical and replace missing scoops as original.

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