Martha K – 60′ Table Seiner

60′ Table seiner built in 1929 by Y. Nakade of Steveston

She was in for new timbered stern (ring timbers),new shelves, re-ribbed, all new deck beams,new deck & aft cabin.


3 thoughts on “Martha K – 60′ Table Seiner

  1. Hi there
    I am interested i in making a model of the bcp45 as she has no plans I am so wondering if there are any plans for a 40 table seiners fishing troller that would be close to get me started thanks Terry

    1. Hello Terry,

      in response to your question about plans???

      we don’t have any plans here. another useful source of info is on facebook there is a group called West coast Fisherman. It has several thousand members. If you post there possibly someone has some suggestions for you.

      Good luck.

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