CHB, Puget Trawler 34′

CHB-34 yacht

CHB, Puget Trawler 34′

Built in 1976 this fiberglass trawler is deceiving to the eye. Plenty of space for two and can accommodate four comfortably during a week long excursion. Currently the boat is named Dragon Lady however the owner upon completion of the restoration is looking to make a name change.

Owner brought the vessel to Commodore’s Boats as the teak deck was lifting and needed repair or removal due to water intrusion. It was decided after consultation with the owner to remove the teak deck and fiberglass. The yacht will than be prepped for new paint along the deck.

History of the CHB Trawler

Mysteries of the orient – The CHB-34’s background may be confusing but its popularity is unmistakable. Taiwan shipyards built wood fishing and work boats for many year, until, more or less by accident, a few began building pleasure boats in the mid-1960s with a new material—fiberglass reinforced plastic.  The CHB-34’s were built by Chung Hwa Boat Building Co. Ltd out of Taiwan and was founded by an American and it is distinctly possible that the CHB-34’s were designed by an American.

Despite the background complexities, an astounding 1600 CHB-34’s have been sold around the world.

Where are they now?

Taiwan-built boats cover the earth. They are common throughout the Pacific Northwest, in California, on the Great Lakes and all along the East Coast of North America. You’ll find them cruising the Inside Passage of British Columbia and gunkholing in Southeast Alaska. The CHB-34’s are also a common sight in Mexico and the Caribbean, and can be found in large numbers on both sides of Florida’s coastline. These boats regularly cruise the Chesapeake, the Great Lakes, and both directions on the ICW.

Nevertheless, the boat is a feast of rich-looking teak trim. Outside, there’s teak along the cap rail, around the windows and prior to the Dragon Lady’s restoration along the decks. The interior is filled with teak joinery, including several areas with hand carved motifs. The steering wheel is also teak parquet. It’s all very yacht like, and all very Oriental.


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    1. Paul, the real value to working with Commodore’s is we work with the owner if they choose to be active in the restoration. In this case Dave works with our craftsmen in order to bring costs down and also to be hands on in the restoration process. This is the case with this vessel and as a result we can not provide a final tally on $$$$. That said our rates are $75 CAD per hour. With this project it is estimated that we put in 250 hours. The owner has also spent many hours himself.

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