Why bring your boat to Canada for repairs

What reason would American residents bring their boat to Canada for repair work?

While the quality of the work and innovative solutions are always the unique selling position of Commodore’s Boats, the declining Canadian vs United States exchange rate cannot be overlooked. As of today (December 9th, 2015) the exchange rate from US$ to CAD$ is 1.36. That means that $1 US will buy international residents $1.36 CAD.

See this site for a daily look at the exchange rate. Currency Converter

To put it another way our shop rate of $70 per hour for repairs and restorations would cost our international customers the incredibly low rate of $51.49 US per hour. Compare that with many of the boat repair companies just south of the border that averages in around $90.00 US per hour. A significant savings on shop labour costs and if we consider parts and materials than a significant overall savings in any repair or full boat restoration.

It is also possible for a foreign vessel owner to be exempt of any Canadian sales tax on both materials and labor. This can be a substantial saving compared to their applicable local state and federal sales taxes. Also, labour performed in Canada is not subject to any U.S. duty or taxes. Together these exemptions might mean a 30 – 50 percent reduction in the total cost of work done by Commodore’s Boats.

The combination of Commodore’s 25 years of quality work along with the strong American dollar is the reason that Commodore’s Boats is a leading provider of boat repairs in the Pacific Northwest and the reason to bring your boat to Canada for work.

Everything you need to know in order to travel as a non-resident into Canada via water vessel.

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