What is it going to cost to fix my boat

This is likely the #1 question we get asked here at Commodore’s Boats. In most cases it is difficult to answer with a final cost prior to doing a full visual survey of the vessel but here is what we do know:

  • Shipwright labour shop rate is $105 per hour (exception being heavy duty mechanic work)
  • Welding and fabrication is $120 per hour
  • Heavy duty mechanic work and electrical is $135 per hour
  • Machine shop labour $135 per hour
  • Crane work $135 per hour (3 hour minimum)

Click here to download current rate sheet

Final cost depends on hours required to repair the vessel, multiplied by the hourly rate plus materials used specific to your project.

Materials are marked-up a nominal rate of 10% to 30% on our wholesale rate depending on the discount we have negotiated with the materials vendor supplier. In most cases the final materials bill is below retail if you were to go through the process of sourcing, negotiating and picking up your own materials. It is the customers choice if they prefer to source and purchase their own materials.

A standard 1.5% of the invoice before Marina carry through costs will be added to all invoices to account for shop materials, consumables, cartage on materials and tooling costs.

A project management fee of 6% of labor will be added to all invoices to account for hours spent by the shipyard foreman and support staff that do not directly log hours onto your boat. This project management fee is for acting as the general shipyard contractor and/or construction manager to construct improvements, supervise and coordinate projects, research on the quickest solutions, sourcing supplier materials and ordering materials. This standard 6% remuneration is not an additional fee but one that is more transparent and replaces previously logged hours by the shipyard foreman for management.

Most customers realize a materials bill approximately 10% to 20% of the total project investment.

Prior to starting and throughout the process Commodore’s Boats will be in collaboration with the boat owner to ensure that they are fully informed.

The first step is to contact us at (604)247-2628 or through our contact page and lets discuss what requirements you feel are needed for the boat and we will start with our best estimates as it relates to costs and time involved.

We have extensive history with hundreds of boats and there is not an issue big or small that we have not encountered. In most cases we have a solid estimate as far as time, materials and costs that are involved even prior to the customer having to haul the boat to our shipyard.