Sponson Jobs

Commodore’s Boats is the industry leader in Sponson Jobs

We can make your boat like new again. No matter the size of job, we can rebuild almost anything. From minor changes like fresh paint, to a complete sponson job to widen and/or lengthen your vessel, Commodore’s Boats is your first choice for top quality boat rebuilding! We have on-site steel and aluminum fabrication shops, well-trained welders and fitters, painters, carpenters, electricians and mechanics to tackle any needs you may have.

Commodore’s Boats have developed a solid reputation in the area of sponson projects. Although commodore’s Boats is a Vancouver, Canada shipyard, we service vessels from California to Alaska and although we pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship, the strength of the USA dollar and the exchange rate has not been overlooked by our American clients.

Sponson projects require significant scheduling and planning so feel free to call us today about timing and availability.

What do sponsons do?

Sponsons are projections from the sides of a watercraft, for protection, stability, or the mounting of equipment such as armaments, lifeboats, crab traps, etc. They extend a hull dimension at or below the waterline and serve to increase flotation or add lift when underway. Sponsons can significantly increase overall deck size which provides a safer work environment for fishing vessels or work boats and allows for a more efficient vessel by increasing stability and work area.

The following gallery showcases a recent aluminum sponson project on a crab boat “Voyager”