Wind Ketcher – 36′

712_IMG-20130430-00397.jpg Wind Ketcher finished (2)

Wind Ketcher – 36′ Herreshoff Ketch
At the yard for complete deck removal & replacement, includes teak and subdeck along with misc beams, frames, transom work, etc

2 thoughts on “Wind Ketcher – 36′

  1. To Commodoresboats; so surprised to see these pictures of the restoration of the 36′ Ketch. That was my parents boat, that I watched growing up in our back yard, for many years. All the joy and love that went into its creation ,from my Father’s dream and vision,my Mother’s love of woodworking and enjoyment of working side by side with her husband , for me for the pleasure and appreciation of all the patience, attention to detail and the flow of allowing it all to come together with a perfect timing. And I’m sure my Sister, who was also around the making of this beauty and was fortunate to sail on it with them, could add many more wonderful memories of ‘Her’ journey from scratch , to finish. The love and enjoyment rippled out through the neighbourhood over the years.
    This is so great to the boat being cared for and restored to ‘Her’ original beauty!
    Thank you so much
    My cousin came across the pictures , sent it to my sister, who has now sent them to me.Wow! Thanks for doing a great job!
    Lisa Mayes

  2. My Uncle Steve built Wind Ketcher,any way I can contact New owner, believe His name is Steve too. As both My Aunt and Uncle have passed on,would like to talk to Boats Owner. Thks Rick Mayes Gabriola Island BC

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