Viking King – 71′ Retired Wooden Tug Boat

Viking King – 71′ Retired Wooden Tug Boat

1921 built Viking King 71′ – In 1921 she was owned by Frederik G. Thulin & Charles A. Thulin (JO), Lund BC. In 1926-1937 she was owned by Edmund Kinnie, Vancouver BC. In 1938-1946 she was owned by George H. Kinnie, Vancouver BC. In 1947 she was owned by Walter G. Heays (MO), Vancouver BC. In 1948-1957 she was owned by Stephen O’Neill (MO), Vancouver BC. In 1958-1970 she was owned by Mutual Towing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1970-1973 she was owned by Viking Tugboat Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1973-present she was owned by Harken Towing Co. Ltd., Port Coquitlam BC.

Builder was Charles & Fred Thulin Originally named in 1921 Niluht which is Thulin spelled backwards.

Name changed in 1926 to Shepody, named for Shepody Bay.

Current name change was 1959 to Viking King.

In 2002 Viking king was brought to Commodore’s Boats for a full refit and restoration. Her most recent appearance in 2018-19 is to recaulk the hull and replace any planks that have deteriorated from sitting in the fresh water river the past 15 years.


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