Mystic Era – New Bulbous bow and Paint

Mystic Era – New Bulbous bow and Paint

Built in 1980 this Gooldrup built fish troller was brought into Commodore’s Boats for a complete new paint job and the addition of a bulbous bow with a hydraulic bow thruster.¬†Owned by Parma Fishing Co. Ltd of Prince Rupert, this troller is the largest on the West Coast at 66 feet long. The hull has been built with reinforced plastic (fiberglass) and is certainly an eye catcher for those out fishing on the Pacific coastline.

Appropriately nicknamed “Big Red” by those in the fishing fraternity.

Mystic Era was completely transformed not only aesthetically with the new bold bright color red but also became a much more efficient vessel with the addition of the bulbous bow and 18″ hydraulic bow thruster.

Refit also included new paint on the decks just to finish things off.


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