Invader I – 70′ ex-patrol vessel

patrol vessel

Invader (I) – 70′ ex-patrol vessel

Invader ran ground in summer 2017 and was brought to Commodore’s Boats. Partial sinking resulted and the vessel required substantial interior, engine and exterior wood work. Stabilizing bat wing was compromised and repaired. A new transom was built, planking and re-caulking of near the entire hull below water line.. expected return to the water is early 2018.

built in 1935 by Fenner & Hood Shipyards, Vancouver BC. A 70′ ex-patrol vessel converted to yacht. During the Second World War she was employed by the Examination Service at Vancouver BC. In 1935 she was owned by James Hoffar, Vancouver BC. In 1936-1940 she was owned by Henry F. Reifel, Vancouver BC. In 1940-1945 she was chartered by the Royal Canadian Navy and served as an Examination Vessel. In 1945-1951 she was owned by James Hoffar, Vancouver BC. In 1951 she was owned by Henry Reifel & George Reifel , Vancouver BC. In 1952-1961 she was owned by Fred B. Brown, Vancouver BC. In 1962-2001 she was owned by Halfmoon Bay Holdings Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 2003-2014 she was owned by Coastal Mortgage and Investment Corp., Lethbridge AB. In 2015-2017 she was owned by 1027628 B.C. Ltd., Kamloops BC. Current owner is Terry Garrison. Vessel was brought to Commodore’s Boats after running ground and beaching itself.

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