The Tugboat Swell

The Tugboat Swell after restoration

The Tugboat Swell is one of Commodore’s Boats flagship restoration projects and one we are very proud of. The Tugboat Swell was a complete restoration and a project that lasted approximately 18 months.

The following work has been done to convert this 1912 built tug into a sports fishing passenger vessel:

– taken approximately 12 inches of hog out of keel
– installation of 6 double ensuite state rooms
– lengthening and widening of the stern with a new horn timber to compensate for the heavier top weight of the extra accommodations
– install new main power & two 40kw gensets for fishing
– bow stem replacement
– reframe & replank 2/3 of vessel
– new deck beams & deck
– new bulwarks & caprails
– all new sawn frames from deck down an average of 8 ft.
– new shelves

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The Schooner Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf and Swell

The Schooner Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf is a classic, 92-foot schooner. Commodore’s Boats has been working closely with Maple Leaf Adventures to ensure that this classic is maintained and restored. Currently the Maple Leaf is in for a stern replacement and restoration.

Maple Leaf is a classic, 92-foot schooner (BC’s historic tall ship) was built in 1904 in Vancouver Shipyard at Coal Harbour. She was designed and built by William Watts, a well-known Canadian shipbuilder and designer.
Completely restored from 1980-1986 to new condition,Maple Leaf is fully inspected and certified by the Canadian Coast Guard as a passenger vessel, and is manned by a certified, competent crew. She is fully-equipped with the latest safety and navigation equipment including radar, G.P.S., E.P.I.R.B., radio-telephone and satellite communications.


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Research Vessel Achiever – 70′ steel hulled sloop


A dedicated research vessel, Achiever, is a coast guard certified 70 ft, steel hulled sloop that operates seven months a year on the BC coast. The boat can be fit to provide observer platforms, oceanographic equipment, freezer space, and other research specific requirements. It can accommodate up to 10 people and has substantial water and fuel capacity. The vessel undertakes research programs for the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and partners with other research organizations such as the Institute of Ocean Sciences, the University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University.

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Pacific Wanderer – 65′ Fibreglass Pleasurecraft

Pacific wanderer Fibreglass pleasure craft

Just arrived the 1980 built “PACIFIC WANDERER” is a 65’ Maple Leaf custom ketch  bluewater offshore cruiser, designed by Stan Huntingford built by Marcos Yachts Inc,. This former RVYC vessel has been sitting idle for several years and the new owners have brought it to Commodore’s Boats for an extensive refit.

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Lord Nelson III – 90′ converted Admirals Yacht

Lord Nelson III - full restoration

Lord Nelson III – 90′ converted Admirals Yacht

Lord Nelson III was a another flagship wood boat restoration completed at Commodore’s Boats over an eight month time frame.

History of the Lord Nelson III

To say that the history of the Lord Nelson is is cloudy would be an understatement however here is this writers best account based on research on the internet and with interviewing the current owner Dave Dawson.

Dave believes the vessel was built in 1942 and is stamped to this day with the boatbuilder being Milwaukee Shipbuilding Corp. Built as a 81′ Admirals yacht this boat was almost immediately converted over to a pleasure craft.

Tenora II was purchased by Max Wyman a Seattle businessman best known as active in the lumber business with the Max A. Wyman Lumber Co. amongst many other business ventures. The vessel was extended to 90′ and and ultimately sold to current owner Dave Dawson of Richmond BC, Canada. Dave ultimately renamed this classic beauty in the late 1970’s to Lord Nelson III.

Dave Wyman also was well known for owning the 136-foot yacht Wild Goose II. In 1962 Wyman sold the Wild Goose, a converted minesweeper, to actor John Wayne. Wayne continued to moor the boat in the Northwest as well in Newport California. The Lord Nelson III and the Wild Goose II tended to explore and travel and entertained in the same circles for many years until John Wayne’s death in 1979.

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Nafco – 1941 Fish Vessel

Nafco 1941 fish boat

Nafco – 1941′ fish boat in for some repairs. Insurance specifications indicate the following work is required.

Vessel hit bottom causing the following damage:

  • keel shoe damaged/ scraped and a section missing from bow to stern
  • keel damaged including a 6′ section port side midship and a smaller section starboard side
  • scarf piece knocked out
  • 4 planks bruised or scuffed port side midship
  • copper cooling pipes dented and disturbed port side
  • upper wood guard disturbed
  • sounder transducer disturbed
  • sonar dome disturbed starboard side
  • other minor damage

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Ella Mckenzie – 36′ converted wooden tug boat

Ella McKenzie

The Ella Mckenzie is a good example of an old work boat/tug boat that was restored for pleasure use. Built in 1942, and 36′ long, this old boat is received new decking, planking, a new bow stem, guard planks, new guards, covering boards, new rails and new ribs throughout the boat.

Convert your old work boat into a pleasure craft!

“We bought the Ella Mackenzie in 06 and brought it to Commodore’s for a complete retrofit. It required extensive woodwork, decking, guards, bulwark, capping and new stern timber. Its a bit of history and we love the old girl.”

– Pelle W. (owner Ella Mckenzie)

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Zapora – 1927 built 61′ Seiner

1927 built 56' Zapora

Zapora – 1927 built 61′ Seiner

Built in 1927 the Zapora in Prince Rupert is a regular visitor at Commodore’s. Formerly known as the Justina Pearle, Zapora has come to Shelter Island and Commodore’s Boats to replace some planks above the water line. Red Cedar is the recommended wood product to be used. Subsequent caulking will occur and while this old girl is out of the water we will splash some fresh paint and replace the zincs.

Zapora was built in 1927 by Prince Rupert Drydock and Shipyards.

In 1927-1931 she was owned by Lars Voge, Prince Rupert BC. In 1937-1949 she was owned by Lars Solewaag, Vancouver BC. In 1956-1961 she was owned by Zapora Fishing Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1966-1972 she was owned by Clyde R. Smith, Prince Rupert BC. In 1973-1987 as a seiner she was owned by Kenesa Fishing Ltd., Prince Rupert BC. In 1989-1993 she was owned by Loman E. Daury, Prince Rupert BC. In 1994-1997 she was owned by Zapora Fishing Ltd., Courtenay BC. In 2001 she was owned by William M. Leighton, Prince Rupert BC. In 2003-2004 she was owned by Vargas Seafoods Co. Ltd., Comox BC. In 2011-present she is owned by Kenneth G.R. McGill, Victoria BC.

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Maille III – Aluminum Gillnetter/ Shrimp Troller

Maille III - aluminum

The Maille III was one of Commodore’s Boats more interesting aluminum boat projects and as a result was featured in “Western Fish and Seafood” magazine as written by David Rahn.

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The project showcases our quality aluminum work by adding two sponsons to the outside of the hull. The objective was to increase stability and working area and at the same time give the boat a new flared bow and more graceful sheerline.

The sponsons are built up from a series of small bulkheads welded at regular intervals along the shear and extending down to the chine. Up forward the bottoms of the bulkheads start off level and then gradually take on a few degrees of downward twist as they reach the stern. This serves to increase the submerged volume, and therefore the buoyancy, at the after end, just where it’s needed most.

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