Jet Boats

We custom build two types of Fraser River jet boats, or “river boats” right from our own aluminum fabrication shop. We have a fully equipped aluminum and steel fabrication shop for new builds or designs and any type of repair. These past jet boat builds really showcases the variety of work Commodore’s Boats can accomplish.

Yes we are well known as the wood boat specialists but we are more than wood boat specialists and the fabrication of jet boats over the years has allowed us to showcase our craftsmanship talents to our customers.

Commodore’s Boats has expanded into the aluminum welding building custom jet boats.

We offer new ideas and concepts to boat building, giving boaters the best in high value workmanship, products and service. We design and manufacture custom welded aluminum river boats in the 15′ to 25′ range. Our custom river jet boats are built with a tapered hull concept design that results in a solid stable aluminum boat to meet white water and shallow water challenges. With a Commodore’s Boats custom river jet boat you will find yourself sight-seeing in the northern back country or local remote spots with more confidence. By adding a camper top you can enjoy overnight camping adventures in the remote wilderness.

Commodore’s designs have proven to out perform and outlast the competition.  I made the right choice going with Commodore’s Boats.


Comm Jet I

These aluminum river jet boats range from 16′ – 25′ long and top speeds can reach up to 70 mph.

Comm Jet II

This is a new jet boat design we’ve developed with more features and improvements. You’ll love the new look!