Fibreglass Boats and Repairs

Commodore’s Boats is a full service shipyard with over Bill - fibreglass paint50 years of generational history and experience in the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast of British Columbia right up to Alaska. Although traditionally Commodore’s Boats are known as wooden boat specialists we are more than that. Fibreglass boats and repairs are a major component of our business and many yachts from Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest have passed through the hands of our expert fibreglass crew.


Fibreglass Boats and Repairs

Commodore’s Boats has undertaken all types of fibreglass repair. We use polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems, depending on the repair requirements. Our repair staff is experienced with foam core honeycomb and vacuum bag techniques. We also use high-tech reinforcements such as carbon fibre and Kevlar.


Commodore’s Boats is well known for their attention to detail and quality. We take pride in our work and are serious about servicing the yachts to the satisfaction of our customers.

A substantial amount of our service consists of carrying out repairs which are the result of collision, grounding, fire or other accidents. We are often asked by the insurance companies to provide a best estimate or an opinion on the necessary work involved to bring the yacht back or better than the original condition.

Insurance Claim Damage

Commodore’s Boats is an approved boat repairer for many leading Marine Insurance Companies due to the quality of our repairs. Most damaged boats, whether the damage is minor or your yacht is a near write-off, can be fully restored. Whatever the scale of the repair, we provide a fully detailed estimate and immaculate work. Your vessel will be repaired to either its original condition or better. All repair work is done in-house by our own team. Whether it is structural, electrical, plumbing, wood work or fibreglassing, you deal with one company and not a group of sub-contractors.

Fibreglass Construction

At Commodore’s Boats we design and construct helm stations, furniture, cabinetry, stainless steel prop shaft struts, epoxy or wood window frames, and install counter tops. We do this all in house; no dealing with sub contractors. Whether your project is big or small, our team of skilled craftsmen will help realize your vision.

Bow Thrusters and Custom Hardtops

Commodore’s Boats is experienced in side or bow thruster installations for both power and sailboats. Sailboats have the thruster installed at the bow and power boats have the option of bow or stern mounted thrusters, depending on owners’ preference. Most of our installations utilize electric power heads but occasionally hydraulic units have been chosen.

Commodore’s Boats build custom fibreglass hardtops for both power and sailboats. We engineer, design and construct. Our construction method ensures a lightweight top with great strength. Our hardtops can be customized to conceal wiring, travelers, speakers, consoles and more. Some customers also choose to have canvas enclosures installed to protect from rain and spray.

Mudding is an Art

Fairing refers to the shaping of low or high areas so they blend or “fair” with the surrounding surface. Fairing is an art. If the fairing material commonly known as mud, is applied correctly, shaped and sanded professionally, the task can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time. If, however, too much mud is applied, or the wrong type of filler used, man hours are needlessly consumed. Selecting the appropriate filler for each job is essential. Some fairing compounds are very strong, good above and below the waterline but are unbelievably hard to sand. Others can be successfully paint with white urethane paint finishes but will actually melt and distort under dark coatings in direct sunlight. Our fibreglass specialists have worked on many yachts and have adapted well to all the new products that enter the marketplace. Commodore’s stands by our work to ensure the customer is satisfied.

Painting Fibreglass

Commodore’s Boats are experts in painting fibreglass. Every project is unique and requires a different application. There are many alternatives available to the customer and all paint work from bottom to top paint is discussed with the customer. From antifouling bottom paint to gel coat or polyester urethane coatings Commodore’s Boats will ensure the proper application for your boat. Hull protection, resisting harsh ultraviolet rays, salt and sudden temperature changes from winter’s freezing rain, common in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are always the concern.

Many yachts from Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest have passed through the hands of our expert finishing crew.

Whether your vessel is insured or not, we are always pleased to give you an estimate for repair, including a detailed list of what we would do to get your yacht back in the water.