Frequently Asked Questions


We know you all have questions about how we can help you, what we do and who we are. Below are some of the questions we receive the most.  Click on the question to get the answer. If we haven’t answered your question below, send us a question from the contact page or email us directly.  The instant contact form gets sent directly to our office and one of our staff will be happy to respond to you. Click here to get to that form.


  1. What is it going to cost to fix my boat?
  2. How much does it cost to haul my boat out of the water? 
  3. How much does it cost for pressure washing?
  4. Can I work on my own boat at the yard?
  5. Can I supply my own materials for the job?
  6. Does your hourly rate vary by trade?
  7. Why bring your boat to Canada for repairs?
  8. Do you do engine mechanical work?
  9. How much does it cost for lay days or storage days while the boat is being repaired?
  10. Do you have moorage available?
  11. Do you offer a sandblasting service?
  12. Do you apply antifouling to the hulls
  13. Do you paint the topsides?
  14. How do I arrange to haul out my vessel?