Does your hourly rate vary by trade


No, in most cases our rate is the same across the board. The exception is Heavy Duty Mechanical work that has a slightly differing rate than all of our other labour rates. All rates and pricing is discussed in advance of doing any work.

Our shop rate for all trades is $70 per hour for all trades except heavy duty mechanical work

Our shop rate for heavy duty mechanical work is $90 per hourĀ 

At Commodore’s Boats we have done extensive research into the industry and although we can not account for all of what the competition charges as there are many new competitors coming and going from the industry all the time, we can safely say we areĀ competitive as far as pricing is concerned and choose to compete on the quality of the work and service instead.

Commodore’s Boats is quick to point out that in nearly 25 years of business we have gained a solid reputation for being “fair” and our customers have clearly demonstrated through their customer loyalty that we are on the right track as far as value is concerned. Yes we appreciate that pricing is important however our customers tell us that its the value that we bring, that continues to bring them back year after year for maintenance and repairs. Most importantly is there are no surprises when it comes to the final invoice. All of our quality craftsmanship is done on a collaborative front with the customer.

“Our honesty, our expertise, your safe voyage!”

A tagline that we continue to strive towards.