Viking King – 71′ Retired Wooden Tug Boat

Viking King – 71′ Retired Wooden Tug Boat

1921 built Viking King 71′ – In 1921 she was owned by Frederik G. Thulin & Charles A. Thulin (JO), Lund BC. In 1926-1937 she was owned by Edmund Kinnie, Vancouver BC. In 1938-1946 she was owned by George H. Kinnie, Vancouver BC. In 1947 she was owned by Walter G. Heays (MO), Vancouver BC. In 1948-1957 she was owned by Stephen O’Neill (MO), Vancouver BC. In 1958-1970 she was owned by Mutual Towing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1970-1973 she was owned by Viking Tugboat Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1973-present she was owned by Harken Towing Co. Ltd., Port Coquitlam BC.

Builder was Charles & Fred Thulin Originally named in 1921 Niluht which is Thulin spelled backwards.

Name changed in 1926 to Shepody, named for Shepody Bay.

Current name change was 1959 to Viking King.

In 2002 Viking king was brought to Commodore’s Boats for a full refit and restoration. Her most recent appearance in 2018-19 is to recaulk the hull and replace any planks that have deteriorated from sitting in the fresh water river the past 15 years.


Invader I – 70′ ex-patrol vessel

patrol vessel

Invader (I) – 70′ ex-patrol vessel

Invader ran ground in summer 2017 and was brought to Commodore’s Boats. Partial sinking resulted and the vessel required substantial interior, engine and exterior wood work. Stabilizing bat wing was compromised and repaired. A new transom was built, planking and re-caulking of near the entire hull below water line.. expected return to the water is early 2018.

built in 1935 by Fenner & Hood Shipyards, Vancouver BC. A 70′ ex-patrol vessel converted to yacht. During the Second World War she was employed by the Examination Service at Vancouver BC. In 1935 she was owned by James Hoffar, Vancouver BC. In 1936-1940 she was owned by Henry F. Reifel, Vancouver BC. In 1940-1945 she was chartered by the Royal Canadian Navy and served as an Examination Vessel. In 1945-1951 she was owned by James Hoffar, Vancouver BC. In 1951 she was owned by Henry Reifel & George Reifel , Vancouver BC. In 1952-1961 she was owned by Fred B. Brown, Vancouver BC. In 1962-2001 she was owned by Halfmoon Bay Holdings Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 2003-2014 she was owned by Coastal Mortgage and Investment Corp., Lethbridge AB. In 2015-2017 she was owned by 1027628 B.C. Ltd., Kamloops BC. Current owner is Terry Garrison. Vessel was brought to Commodore’s Boats after running ground and beaching itself.

Charmer – Grenfell 55

1971 Grenfell Flushdeck Cruiser 55′

“Charmer” is a true Gentleman’s Yacht, designed by Thornton Grenfell and built by Grenfell Yachts Ltd.

Lapstrake  is a method of boat building where the edges of hull planks overlap, called a “land” or “landing.” In craft of any size shorter planks can be joined end to end into a longer strake or hull plank. Reportedly the Grenfell 55 is the longest lapstrake vessel built by Grenfell.

Charmer features: 3 staterooms and 2 heads stunning mahogany woodwork large bright salon new diesel heat large deck spaces for entertaining Scope of work includes repairing an impact damage port side. Broken ribs, replace planks, paint.

Renegade – 1974 Broward Yacht 60′

60' pleasure craft

1974 built Broward Yacht 60′ wood hull. Brought to Commodore’s Boats for a complete restoration and refit.

Work to be performed includes:

  • remove paint and rotten planks frame repairs and scuppers
  • new planking throughout
  • replace windows
  • new bow stem
  • frame and install new thrusters
  • install mast and pole and lights
  • interior work
  • systems work
  • paint

Spirit of the El – 1952 Chris craft 34′ Sedan Cruiser

Spirit of the El

1952 CHRIS-CRAFT 34′ SEDAN CRUISER brought to commodore’s from Kelowna, BC and owners the Eldorado Kelowna Hotel. Work order includes recaulk and fill below the waterline, repair hull, decks, cabin above waterline. Apply finish.

Was repowered with a Chris-Craft 327/230hp FWC V8 engine and new running gear.  Completely re-wired and all on board systems are fully operational. Has Bow Thruster for ease of mooring

Crab Boat Voyager – Aluminum Sponson Project

Crab Boat Aluminum Sponson Project

Commodore’s Boats always seem to have interesting building and restoration projects underway, and this Summer was no exception, with several jobs ongoing in a variety of materials, including a unique and specialized sponson project. . Tucked in on either side of the shop, there are a couple of aluminum crab boats both out of Tokeland, Washington, USA. There, Commodore’s shipwrights comprised of mostly welders under the direction of owner Bo Spiller are widening and lengthening the crab boat “Voyager” by adding two sponsons to the outside of the hull and extending the stern. The objective is to increase stability and working area.

Definition Sponson:

  • a projection on the side of a boat, ship, or seaplane.
  • a gun platform standing out from a warship’s side.
  • a short subsidiary wing that serves to stabilize a seaplane.

The following gallery are the original architectural drawings as provided by Bruce Culver Engineer. These adaptations are used as a starting point and are not always required on sponson projects. In this particular case the drawings were modified as the project moved along through collaboration between Commodore’s Boats GM Bo Spiller and Mark Tucker owner of F/V Voyager.

The sponsons are built up from a series of small bulkheads welded at regular intervals along the deck line and extending down to the chine.

When everything is welded in place, the boat will gain 3’6″ on each side. Some of the spaces in each sponson will be voids. However, under Bo’s direction, Mark the owner has opted to add extra fuel tanks, plus he’ll use the adjacent bay as a water storage area accessible from the lazarette.  Commodore’s is also going to add 5′ or so off the stern to further increase the working space and 3′ to the bow for waterline length.

When everything is completed, the overall deck and working space will double in area which will provide a better work environment for the crew and more importantly be safer. Deck space will double, fuel capacity will double and this will allow a more efficient crab boat that will require less runs from port to fishing grounds.

The biggest challenge for a project of this type is fairing the new work into the old and getting the whole thing to look “right,” as though it was designed and built that way from the start.  The final appearance clearly matters and Commodore’s is determined to give Mark a quality and more efficient vessel than he started with.

Dredge #4 Dawson City, YT

Commodores Boats has been awarded the contract by Parks Canada to rebuild & restore the entire main bow structure of the Dredge to support the main gantry & digging arm.

The Dredge #4 displaces over 3000 tons and the vessel measures over 300′ in length, 2/3’s the length of a football field.

It was originally built in 1912 to extract gold from the Bonanza creek area.

Commodores has mobilized a crew onsite in Dawson City, Yukon for the multi-year contract. Work commenced Aug 02/2010.

We’ve completed five years of the agreement and will be continuing on.

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Classic Monk

1940 style monk

1940’s looking 40′ Classic Monk style boat.

This boat was a total restoration shop project and is owned by Commodore’s Boats Ltd. This boat was brought into our shop several years back and has served as a project boat for the shipwrights that are employed at Commodore’s Boats. As it sits today in our shop it is near completion. This classic beauty is just waiting for that right owner to make the final custom work decisions so that she can take on the personality of the new owner. That includes naming her and directing our team as to the final finishing touches.

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