Can I work on my own boat at the yard


Yes! Shelter Island Marina and Commodore’s Boats encourages a collaborative approach to your boats. It is not unusual for clients to provide a hands-on approach to all the work performed although we have highly trained skilled craftsmen equipped to take on any marine repair and restoration job.

Shelter Island Marina has rules and regulations as it relates to contractors wanting to work on their own boats in the yard. Commodore’s Boats follows these strict rules to the letter and as a customer of Commodore’s Boats you will be able to benefit from the investment Commodore’s Boats has made in order that our customers are also in alignment with the Marina’s rules and guidelines.

To keep the Marina and shipyard operating in a safe, clean, and professional manner, Contractors MUST comply with  the following rules & regulations, the Marina Rules and Regulations, and the Boat Yard Rules and  Regulations.

Contractors must have the following, validly issued in accordance with applicable law, and current:

1. Certificate of public liability insurance. (Minimum $1,000,000.00)

2. WorkSafe BC Insurance (WCB).

3. First Aid Certification.

Work must be done in a safe manner, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, to provide  for the safety of property and the safety of the Contractor personnel, Marina personnel, and the  general public. Work sites must be kept clean and orderly. Work which could create a hazard to people  or property must be appropriately delineated to prevent injury or property damage. Use of any  equipment that is unsafe, in the opinion of Shelter Island Marina Inc. (“Shelter Island”), in its sole  discretion, is prohibited. All accidents must be reported to the Marina management.
Commodore’s Boats Ltd are fully insured with Commercial General Liability, Ship-Repairers Legal Liability, we’re Secor Certified and we’re always in good standing with Worksafe BC.

Work must be done in an environmentally safe and clean manner, including without limitation:

1. In compliance with all municipal, provincial, and federal laws and regulations, to provide for the  protection of the environment from damage or pollution caused by any work done while on Marina  property.

2. All chemical wastes must be removed from Marina property.

3. No waste shall be disposed of on any land or wetlands or waters, on, or adjoining, Marina property.

4. Spills of any type, on or around the Marina, must be reported to the Marina management immediately.

5. Full cost of cleanup, removal and/or environmental damage for work done in the Marina are the  responsibility of the Contractor and Contractor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Shelter  Island for the same.

6. All chemicals brought on Marina property must be removed at the conclusion of the job.

7. All hazardous chemicals used on Marina property must be approved by Marina management prior to  being brought on site.

Commodore’s Boats welcomes customers hands on approach to all repairs and restorations. The shipyard is open and inclusive and appreciate the opportunity to discuss openly and candidly the entire step by step process of repairing or restoring your boat.