Can I supply my own materials for the job


Can I supply my own materials for the job?

Yes in most cases customers can supply their own materials for the boat repair or restoration, however we have done years of work creating wholesaler relationships with the top suppliers to the marine trades industry. Take advantage of our dealer pricing such that you have access to the top suppliers at the best volume discounted pricing.

Ultimately the decision will be made by you as some people prefer to supply their own materials because they feel they can get a better deal and some people are fearful of mark-ups on the price of supplies. However Commodore’s Boats has been fortunate enough to develop vendor relationships such that industry rates are provided to us as a volume based purchaser. Any mark-ups on the price of supplies fall in line with the same price if the customer were to deal direct and in many instances below retail rates offered to the end users.

boat wood stock supply
Boat wood stock supply

Commodore’s Boats ensures the quality of our work and in most cases that requires quality of materials used. If we areĀ not responsible for the sourcing and acquisition of the goods we may not be able to guarantee the quality of the work.

Commodores has boat stock wood products available and usually approximately 20,000 fbm on hand. The quality of the boat stock depends on moisture contentĀ and whether their are knots or burrs present.

The clear advantage to working with Commodore’s Boats is we are collaborative throughout the repair or renovation. Ask questions and we will provide clear and honest responses to product line and suppliers. Most of that hard work in establishing good vendor relationships has transpired over years of familiarity of our team in the marine industry.